Join Robyn Hager and Moral P. for White Noise, an open mic event encouraging writers and performers of all kinds to showcase their work on Wednesday, June 29th, 7 PM at Green Kill.
Join Bore, Maeve Schallert and Zoots Houston, and Al Margolis and Tom Law on Tuesday, July 5, 8 PM at Green Kill.
Join Caurveball, this Friday, June 25 at PM at Green Kill.
On Sunday, July 24 at 8 PM, at Green Kill, Station Hill Press presents a Green Kill livestream and live-audience reading by Laynie Browne and George…
Join Brian John Ehlis and Brian Melick for and evening of world music on Wednesday, June 22, 8 PM at Green Kill.
Words Carry Us with Betty MacDonald presents "Joan Jokes For Change" starring Joan Reinmuth on Sunday, June 26 at 7 PM, livestreamed on YouTube.
Join Michael Bellera, Gus Mancini, Brian Melick and Ken Lovelett for Tree Yo! on June 15, live from Green Kill.
Gus Mancini’s Gus Mancini's Sonic Soul Duo, June 23, 8 PM.
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