Michael Bisio Live Stream, January 30, 8 PM

Green Kill Sessions presents, Michael Bisio Live Stream, Saturday, January 30 at 8 PM on Youtube.

Green Kill Sessions presents, Michael Bisio Live Stream, Saturday, January 30 at 8 PM on Youtube.

Michael Bisio and Mat Maneri live stream performance at Green kill on December 26 (see below).

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Michael Bisio

Michael Bisio is an American jazz double bassist, composer, and bandleader. Since 2009 he has been the bassist for the Matthew Shipp Trio.

Bisio appears on over 100 CDs, leading on 12 CDs and co-leading on another dozen.

Bisio has composed over one hundred works which have been performed in clubs, concert venues, and festivals. They have been broadcast over assorted media. Most have been recorded; some were composed for films and theater, and one found was used in animation.

In his book Jackson Street After Hours, music critic Paul de Barros called Bisio one of the heirs to Seattle's earthy yet innovative tradition and marked his compositional style as "a spare, bluesy sound, the sweet- and-sour timbres favored by Charles Mingus.

Bisio composed the music for Karl Krogstad's film Strings (1985). Beat Angel (2004), a film by Randy Allred with Vincent Balestri, features Bisio's compositions and improvisations. In his film Time & Object, animator Bernard Roddy uses "Something Different" from Zebulon as the score. Bisio composed music for Music for American Voices: Bukowski, Micheline and the First Amendment, a play written and performed by Vincent Balestri.

“... one of creative music’s preeminent bassists, whose approach is muscular yet surprisingly expressive.”

 Elliot Simon, New York City Jazz Record 

"The physicality of Mr. Bisio's bass playing puts him in touch with numerous predecessors in the avant-garde, but his expressive touch is distinctive;..."
Nate Chinen, The NY Times

“But even out on the fringe beyond standard constructs and formulas, Bisio plays his double bass with palpable soul and mystery, …” 

 Bao Le-Huu Orlando Weekly