Music Events at Green Kill

Join Gus Mancini’s for his 80th Birthday Performance with Brian Melick on Tuesday, September 27, 8 PM.
Guitars A Go Go are back. They will perform at Green Kill, Saturday, October 29, 8 PM, at Green Kill Sessions.
Join Nebula, Federico Balducci and Hissquiet and Noa Jacques and Matt Luczak Duo, October 21, 8 PM, live at Green Kill Sessions.
Join Circular Jazz, featuring Dan Blake on tenor and straight alto saxophones, Bryan Copeland on bass violin and Bob Meyer on drums and cymbals, October…
Green Kill presents Spaceheater, Friday, October 14, 8 PM, livestream/liveaudience.
Join Eric J. Roth on Friday, October 7 at 7 PM at Green Kill for an evening of classical guitar music.
Gus Mancini’s, Wdst’s Sultan Of Sonic Soul’s Band, featuring the Daughters of Oshun percussionits.
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