Music Events at Green Kill

Join Gus Mancini’s for his 80th Birthday Performance with Brian Melick on Tuesday, September 27, 8 PM.
Gus Mancini's Sonic Soul Band will perform on Wednesday, April 19, 8 PM, Green Kill Sessions.
Green Kill presents Spaceheater, Friday, April 7, 8 PM, featuring Rick Warren and Sal Cataldi, D. Strahl and Dana Fasano.
Marc Delgado will perform on Saturday, April 15, 8 PM at Green Kill Sessions.
Join Riprap, Neonach and Duo Denum, April 8, 8 PM at Green Kill Sessions for a evening of noise performance.
We are very pleased to announce the Kennty Roby will be performing at Green Kill Sessions on Saturday, May 20 at 8 PM.
Noise Salon: Climb Series, Vol. 2 event will take place at Green Kill on Friday, April 14 at 8pm.
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