Free River, June 19, 8 PM, Livestream on Youtube

Join Free River, on Saturday June 19 at 8 PM, livestreamed from Green Kill on YouTube.

Join Free River, on Saturday June 19 at 8 PM, livestreamed from Green Kill on Youtube.

To gain access, please use this link:

After the performance and excerpt will be published on the Green Kill Youtube Channel and this page will offer the full concert for a $5 dollar monthly subscription. You can pay $55 annually to see all the livedstreamed concernta at Green Kill.

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Free River

Free River Ensemble is: Elizabeth Schmidt on french horn, trumpet and voice, Cornelia Logan on cello, voice and flute, David Budd on drums and hand percussion (also the band’s graphic artist), Raphael Garritano on guitar, mandolin and recorder (flauta dolce).

Free River loves to perform music expressing a joy of living and close friendships, a deep connection with humanity, and the natural beauty of planet Earth, especially of the Hudson River Valley.

An instrumental ensemble performing fresh interpretations of ancient and modern music, Free River’s range of style covers well over a thousand years, from the medieval period all the way to the twentieth century, including original compositions, European Art Music, Gypsy, Celtic, African, Mediterranean, Asian and Arabic. Free River’s arrangements often include influences of progressive rock.

Their mission is to reflect the beautiful dreams and vibrant passions of our human experience with timeless art and music.