Green Kill Live Stream, October 16, 8 PM

Green Kill Live Stream presents “We Come from Far Away” featuring Dane Johnson and Rick Warren, Friday, October 16 at 8 PM.

Green Kill Live Stream presents “We Come from Far Away”  featuring Dane Johnson and Rick Warren on Friday, October 16 at 8 PM. Will be a very premiere broadcast on Youtube. To gain access, follow this link.

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We Come From Far Away

We Come From Far Away is a new improvisational duo project featuring Dane Johnson (Kingston, NY) and Rick Warren (Hudson, NY).

Rick and Dane each employ a flotilla of electronic effects to meld, mold and shape the sounds which they evoke from their guitars into detailed soundscapes which pull you into a holographic diarama as the textures morph and weave, diverge and reconverge in an ever changing ecosystem of sound. 

Dane Johnson on Electric Guitar and Effects

Dane Johnson (Berklee College of Music - Composition & Film Scoring) has been composing and performing since the mid-90s starting in Boston with groups like Jonathan LaMaster's Saturnalia, Prelaspe (w/John Zorn), studied Hindustani vocal music with Warren Senders and also collaborated on various sound sculpture installations in the Boston area (Cyclorama, deCordova Museum). He currently lives in Kingston, NY and is working on projects with The Fretless Brothers (Jon Catler, Hansford Rowe, Brian Chase - a microtonal fusion jazz/rock group playing FreeNote Music's just-tuned guitars), Beninghove's Hangmen (Bryan Beninghove, Rick Parker, Eyal Maoz - horn and guitar driven noir jazz noise rock fun), He also plays lead guitar in BongoSurf (instrumental surf band playing your favs by Link Wray, The Ventures and Dick Dale, etc.) and composes his own solo microtonal drone based recordings for acoustic guitar, electronics, cSound and tape media.

Rick Warren on Electric Guitar and Effects

Originally from Kingston, Hudson-based Rick Warren has been deeply involved in the improvisational and experimental music scene fostered by renowned vibraphonist Karl Berger at his Creative Music Studio in Woodstock. It was Berger’s chance visit to a Rick’s high school music theory class that led him to become a regular participant in twice-yearly workshops held at CMS, an international hot bed of improvisational music performance and education founded in 1971 by Berger, Ingrid Sertso and Ornette Coleman. Rick is best known for his soundscape compositions using his guitar and a variety of electronic sound sources, each one a new and different on-the-spot creation. Today, Warren is also involved with the Woodstock-based soundpainting ensemble Audiocanvas, led by bassist Steve Rust and captured on the 2019 disc Some Bad Western. Rick is also active with the Hudson-based Slink Moss and the Magic Stones, the improvisational duo The Warren-Ver Straeten Half Quartet and the popular acoustic folk duo, Rick and Marilyn, with songwriter Marilyn Miller.