Live Stream, Monday, August 10, 8 PM

Featuring Elly Wininger, 2014 Inductee into the NY Blues Hall of Fame

Elly Wininger, 2014 Inductee into the NY Blues Hall of Fame, will live-stream from Green Kill on Monday, August 10 at 8PM. If you would like to attend please use this link:

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Meet Elly Wininger

Elly Wininger

Inducted into the NY Blues Hall of Fame in 2014 and signed to Adelphi Records in 2019,  Elly Wininger's album "Little Red Wagon" was #8 on the Folk Music DJ Chart for January 2018 and in the top 100 for the year.  She is known for her engaging performances and her accomplished finger style guitar playing.  She has won numerous awards for her songwriting as well. Having played historic NYC venues in the 70s and 80s, Elly now tours nationally. Elly is also a producer, educator, and  host of  the live and podcast variety show: "Catskill Cabaradio."  Elly produced "Rockin' the Boat,"  a series of music documentaries for Public Radio which won several awards including one from the United Nations.

Ten Questions

Do you remember when you first saw yourself as an artist?

I'm embarrassed to say that it took a terrible marriage and years of therapy before I identified myself as an artist. I was in my 50s.

Do you have anything you feel compelled now to say about your art?

I prefer to let my art speak for itself.

Is there an artist that keeps coming back to you for inspiration?

I am fickle. I look to different artists at different times and don't like to look back.

Do you feel you have support from colleagues?

Mostly yes. Then there are some that would like to tear you down.

Do you feel removed from the conventional world?

Always have.

What is it like to wake up everyday for you?

I need to find gratitude for something  to get out of bed. Sometimes it's just being thankful that the bathroom is nearby.

What role do you see your art having in society?

I think this is a good questions for historians and critics to consider.

Do you get high from creating?

Yes, and it is addicting.

What are you not being asked that you’d like to share?

How about: "What do you find most challenging about being artist?"
My answer would be something along the lines of giving up conventional comforts such as money, traditional gender roles, security, steady employment.

When are you most happy?

When my voices soars on the wind of freedom.