Lynne Stone, February 2021

The 2021 Green Kill February Exhibition presents Howard Miller, Will Nixon, Lynne Stone.

The 2021 Green Kill Februaruy Exhibition presents Howard MillerWill NixonLynne Stone. 

The exhibition will be open, Saturday the 13, 5-7 PM and runs from February 13, 2021 to February 27, 2021. Exhibition hours are from 3-5:30 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. You may make special appointments by calling 347-689-2323.

New Normal health concerns are a primary. The customary Green Kill opening of beverages with finger foods will be covered for protection. If you wish to come on opening day, please understand that 10 people are permitted in the gallery at one time, that all attendees must were face masks, and we will us a “Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer” and “Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Level Monitor” for screening. There were be outside seating for your convenience. Green Kill is equipped with a heat pump so the air is constantly refreshed and the space is, as always, sanitized. 

Lynne Stone

To make a painting I must first spot something interesting or compelling from anywhere at all.  This part is completely indiscriminate.  There simply must be a psycho-visual tickle, and I must get that tickle on the canvas.  Of course the initial tickle is typically linked with some aspect of being human which right away sets the stage for all manner of human—and whatever else—drama(s).  So from that dodgy start the painting process becomes free-associative with lots of scrubbing-out, adding-on, and building-up.  It’s a messy process, but all-in-all it’s a totally absorbing visual-cognitive adventure.  And I push myself to advent with a double intention:  pressure my cognitive envelope to get synapses freshly jumping; come up with an interesting piece. 

For my political, visual, and aesthetic philosophies I draw in particular from the socio-political collages of DA DA, the paintings and drawings of R. B. Kitaj, the paintings and drawings of David Hockney, painter Stanley Spencer, sculptor Thomas Schutte and many many others.

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