Melanie Delgado Exhibition, August 2020

The Complete On-line Exhibition of Melanie Delgado.

Green Kill 2020 August Art Exhibition featuring Deirdre Day, Melanie Delgado, Chime Lama and Noah David Roberts will be on display from Saturday August 1 to Saturday, August 29, 2020 with an opening party on Saturday, August 1, 2020 from 5-7 PM.

New Normal health concerns are a primary. The customary Green Kill opening of beverages with finger foods will be covered for protection. If you wish to come on opening day, please understand that 10 people are permitted in the gallery at one time, that all attendees must were face masks, and we will us a “Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer” and “Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Level Monitor” for screening. There were be outside seating for your convenience. Green Kill is equipped with a heat pump so the air is constantly refreshed and the space is, as always, sanitized. 

Meet Melanie Delgado

Melanie Delgado,”Startle the Cardinal,” Oil on canvas, 20” x 16”

Melanie Delgado is a working artist living in upstate, NY. She resides with her husband musician Marc Delgado & their daughter. From spray paint to oil sticks, Melanie uses playfulness, a child-like vision and a heavy dose of street art to bring her voice to the canvas, door, window or piece of wood. Her background is in the field of education ranging from preschool to high school. Melanie instructs at the Woodstock School of Art; the course is for emerging artists ages 12+. Delgado is curious about the stories behind the dilapidated fence, the overgrown pines and what comes next. 

Her paintings have many layers. Typically, they start with chaotic movements, sometimes drawn with eyes closed. The layers begin to evolve as the paint is applied, scraped off, reapplied and moved until it feels just right. Delgado works on multiple pieces at a time, constantly exploring color combinations and levels of interest in a particular line or area of the work. Through this process she replaces rage and pain with light and absolute freedom. 

Living in the woods of the Hudson Valley Melanie is influenced by the sounds, sights and tastes of trees, dirt, critters and the deep history of the artists who came before her. 

She’s interested in other mediums such as metal work, wood sculpture, and recycled installations. Melanie continues to be drawn to strange throw-away objects, rust and its potential. 

Melanie Delgado Exhibition

Ten Questions

Do you remember when you first saw yourself as an artist?

While living in California I met my husband Marc. I knew I wanted to create my own work. I taught for so many years... & finally felt compelled to take time for myself. For my birthday in 2010 Marc made me a studio at his apartment. It was time. I've been painting ever since.

Do you have anything you feel compelled now to say about your art?

Not really.

Is there an artist that keeps coming back to you for inspiration?

Jean Michel Basquiat who has led me to many others. 

Do you feel you have support from colleagues?

Yes, absolutely.

Do you feel removed from the conventional world?

Somewhat. I've always questioned how things have been done. Rebelled against it for most of my life. I'm still learning to find my way. Painting helps.

What is it like to wake up everyday for you?

My almost 4 year old daughter asks me to roll over so she can kiss my face. Not sure waking up gets any better than this...

What role do you see your art having in society?

If a self taught artist can have the support of her community the way I do, anyone wanting to shift gears can do it. I've made some drastic changes over the last 13 years... it's beautiful. It's terrifying. It's peaceful. The work I've created allows me to be open to what might come. I've learned to just keep showing up.

Do you get high from creating?

Absolutely. I used to get high doing other things. Now I find it more useful to paint. 

What are you not being asked that you’d like to share?


When are you most happy?

Most happy when the voices are quiet... while playing. Painting... dancing with Mary & Marc.