Nancy Catandella, Olesya Dzhurayeva, Margaret Still, October 2021

Works by Nancy Catandella, Olesya Dzhurayeva, and Margaret Still will be on exhibition at Green Kill for the month of October, 2021.

Works by Nancy Catandella, Olesya Dzhurayeva, and Margaret Still will be on exhibition at Green Kill for the month of October, 2021.

The opening party is on Saturday, October 2, 2021, from 5 to 7 PM.  The Exhibition runs from Saturday, October 2 until Saturday, October 30th.

Exhibition hours are from 3-5:30 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. You may make special appointments by calling 347-689-2323.

Nancy Catandella

The works in this exhibit are of two subjects; my response to the pandemic and water; a threatened resource and symbol of life. The photo-encaustic works of water present a dark stillness suggesting visible and invisible water dwellers that reside there. This dark stillness also refers to the symbolism of the eternal mystery of the human unconscious. Set above the water’s surface is where we exist, breathing the air that can be scary to inhale, and possibly life threatening as well, without a mask. The drawings and paintings represent us. 

When I work I may start with an idea of what I’m going to do but in the end the work takes on a life of it’s own. Similar to the writer writing their story - the story will start to write itself. These are narrative visual poems that also testify to the resilience of human nature and our environment. 

The artwork is representational, with abstract elements integrated into it to support the narrative. I used mixed media which included my altered photographs, acrylic, ink, charcoal, and encaustic (wax based paint mixed with pigment, resin and beeswax).

My influences are from the Modernists Magritte, Kandinsky, Klee and Matisse. And the American Abstract Expressionists Joan Mitchell and Richard Diebenkorn, plus the Contemporary painter, Gerhard Richter.

Nancy Catandella is a native New Yorker, born in Highland Falls, a village located along the Hudson River. After high school she attended the Art Students League studying painting with Julian Levi and Sidney Dickinson among others. She went on to graduate from Parsons School of Design and continued her studies at SUNY New Paltz earning an MFA in painting. She has exhibited widely and her work is found in private and public collections

Olesya Dzhurayeva

Born in 1982 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. In 1989 moved to Ukraine. 

2006 – Graduated from Kiev State Institute of Decorative and Applied Art and Design named after Mykhailo Boychuk, Faculty of Graphic Design.

2008 – Member of the National Union of Artist of Ukraine.

Works as professional graphic artist since 2002. Her works have been exhibited in Ukraine,Italy, Portugal, France,USA, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Taiwan, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Croatia, Brazil, Belgium, Colombia, China, Romania, Armenia, Malaysia, Serbia, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Peru, Sweden, Australia.

Lives and works in Kyiv

Margaret Still

Margaret G. Still  is a painter who studied with William Brice, Richard Diebenkorn, Gordon Nunes, Elliot Elgart, and others at U.C.L.A. (B. A. & M.F.A.) She lives in Saugerties, New York.  

She has exhibited in group shows at Greenkill in Kingston, New York (2018 and 2019), Emerge Gallery in Saugerties, New York (2018, 2019,  2020 and 2021), The Woodstock Framing Gallery in Kingston, New York (2019), and a Yellow Fine Arts pop-up show in New York City (2019). 

She has had solo shows at Greenkill in Kingston, New York (June 6th-June 27th, 2020), and at Green in Saugerties, 92 Partition Street in Saugerties, New York  ( in August, 2018 & August, 2019. She also has an ongoing show of recent paintings at Green in Saugerties, New York.

Her Instagram account is “mgstill4” and her Facebook account is “Margaret G Still Art”

“My paintings begin with photographs taken on road trips or with images captured from google walks or other images found on the internet or other sources. When an image grabs me, I play with it until it becomes something  more pungent and  iconic.”