Noah David Roberts Exhibition, August 2020

The Complete On-line Exhibition of Noah David Roberts.

Green Kill 2020 August Art Exhibition featuring Deirdre Day, Melanie Delgado, Chime Lama and Noah David Roberts will be on display from Saturday August 1 to Saturday, August 29, 2020 with an opening party on Saturday, August 1, 2020 from 5-7 PM.

New Normal health concerns are a primary. The customary Green Kill opening of beverages with finger foods will be covered for protection. If you wish to come on opening day, please understand that 10 people are permitted in the gallery at one time, that all attendees must were face masks, and we will us a “Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer” and “Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Level Monitor” for screening. There were be outside seating for your convenience. Green Kill is equipped with a heat pump so the air is constantly refreshed and the space is, as always, sanitized. 

Meet Noah David Roberts

Noah David Roberts, "Somnambulist"

“Schizo Mind & Bad Art”

messy/uncalculated/spontaneous/collage/mixed-media/improvisational/expository/poetic/jargon/puzzling/these fragments I have shored against my ruins

My collage work, while spontaneous, uncalculated, and improvisational, is intended to speak truth to power first and foremost. I am an anarchist, and there are many quiet, violent power structures in the current American Capitalist State that I find violating and disturbing. It is secondly introspective, and often a diagram of myself.

I hope to use the confusing, poetic, fragmented format of collage to draw out that which is hidden in our collective blind spots, whether outward or inward. I am a poet first, and this is always my goal. I am not a trained artist; I am merely someone who likes to make things.

This collection of works are primarily focused on how place and setting are affected by one’s mindset. My pieces engage the viewer in derangement, in confusion, in psychosis, often in confusing jargon. “These fragments I have shored against my ruins,” as T.S. Eliot once said. There is peace in the chaos, knowledge in the confusion, and truth in the derangement. 


Noah David Roberts Exhibition

Ten Questions

Do you remember when you first saw yourself as an artist?

As much as I would love to call myself an artist, I don't think I have yet earned the title. But I've been artistic in nature since I was a kid, mainly in my writing. Only recently did I discover my absolute adoration for making collage and other sorts of visual art.

Do you have anything you feel compelled now to say about your art?

Not really, but I would like to note that it is imperfect, maybe almost intentionally.

Is there an artist that keeps coming back to you for inspiration?

I don't think anybody comes to me for inspiration, but I always come back to Goya's black paintings and Basquiat's stuff. A lot of dadaist stuff, too, but recently I've become obsessed with Eddie Martinez's paintings.

Do you feel you have support from colleagues?

I would say I feel support from colleagues, as one has support from the walls. A better way to say it is, I admire all artists.

Do you feel removed from the conventional world?

There is no "conventional world."

What is it like to wake up everyday for you?

Writhing. The process of waking from a night's sleep is jarring, and I often wake with a start, shocked into the consciousness of the day. Then I go about my business in this meat-suit I call a body.

What role do you see your art having in society?

I want my art to puzzle people, to challenge them and make them think- it may not do that, but I want it to.

Do you get high from creating?

I most definitely get high from creating. There's no better buzz. It's like a trance, and probably the closest I'll ever come to a "religious experience."

What are you not being asked that you’d like to share?

A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous, got me?

When are you most happy?

I have a fundamental problem with this question and that is, happiness is a farce. Happiness is fleeting, it does not stay, it wafts on the breeze like dandelion petals, fades away like being drunk or love. It does not last. So even in happiness, I am not. I search for derangement. To say I feel deranged would be wrong; it would be better to say that I feel on the edge, teetering on the wire between absolute bliss and total confusion, and it is wonderful.