Shards of Glass,A Kaleidoscopic Life’s Memoir, November 21, Livestream

Francine Glasser will read from her new book "Shards of Glass, A Kaleidoscopic Life’s Memoir" Sunday, November 21, 7 PM, livestreamed from Greenkill.

Francine Glasser will read from her new book "Shards of Glass,A Kaleidoscopic Life’s Memoir," Sunday, November 21, 7 PM, livestreamed from Greenkill.

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Shards of Glass, A Kaleidoscopic Life’s Memoir, Francine Glasser

Francine Glasser was consigned to a childhood devoid of connection and marked by loss after loss of everything she cherished. Friends, relatives, pets and possessions were left behind each time her family ran from debt collectors sometimes in the middle of the night, and left town for yet another hopeless new start. For Francine painful memories of those ruthless years were like fragments of color, light, and darkness in a Kaleidoscope. But years later, clinging to her love for the father responsible for her lost childhood, the Shards of Glass would reorganize into patterns of forgiveness, stability, beauty, and peace. This book was conceived long ago, because Francine had always wanted to tell the story of her search for a forever home.  Years later as a practicing psychotherapist and social worker, her life was invested in hearing the stories and traumas of those whom she counseled and helped make peace with their past in this book, Francine has sought to make peace with her own past by introducing readers to all of the important people places and things in her life on the run. Today she is at home at last yet struggling with symptoms of agoraphobia. The pieces of a child’s shattered life as seen through the metaphor of a kaleidoscope, have finally come together to complete this part of her story.