Whiplash, January 1, 2-8, Livestream

Announcing Whiplash: The Hudson valley New Year's Day Spoken Word/Performance Extravaganza, January, 2-8 PM livestreamed fro Greenkill on Youtube.

Announcing Whiplash: The Hudson Valley New Year's Day Spoken Word/Performance Extravaganza, January 1st, 2-8 PM livestreamed from Greenkill on Youtube.


Whiplash'“  is produced by Bruce Weber, and has evolved out of the New Year's Day Extravaganza that he organized in Manhattan from 1995-2019.  A recent full time resident of the Hudson Valley, Weber was inspired to create the event by his exposure to talent in the region, and the exciting creative opportunities that are arising in the vicinity of Kingston.

The show provides a great opportunity to become familiar with a potpourri of creative writers and musicians online during the  course of the six hour event,  a follow up to the at  Beverly Lounge in Kingston, and the Green Kill Gallery in Kingston.  The performers were filmed by David Schell at Green Kill Gallery in Kingston during the course of this autumn.

Among the performers are: Jan Alexander, Tony Pena,  Larry Bush, Mikhail Howowitz, Pamela Twining, Andy Clausen, Suzanne Bennett, Sparrow, Violet Snow, Phillip Levine, Anne Gornick, Michael Ruby, Richard Pantell and  Karen Whitman.


Jan Alexander

Miriam Atkin

Robert Basner 

Suzanne Bennett  

Larry Bush

Andy Clausen

Richard Comerford

Teresa Costa

Jared Fagan

Anne Gornick

Brenda Goultas

Sage Higgins 

Mikhail Howowitz

Mike Jurkovic 

Adam Lefevre

Phillip Levine

Brian Liston  

Leonard Nelencz

Richard Pantell

Tony Pena 

Guy Reed

Tom Romeo

Michael Ruby 

William Seaton  

Gary Siegel  

Violet Snow


Elizabethhanne Spiotta

Sam Truitt

Pamela Twining

Michael Vahsen

Bruce Weber

Joanne Pagano Weber 

Karan Whitman

Allison Koffler Wise  

Dayl Wise

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