The New Normal at Green Kill

How Green Kill will move forward safely in this time of global pandemic concerns.

Ecamm Live will help Green Kill publish live performances.

Major Announcement from Green Kill

Note that below the announcement is the “Green Kill Operating Plan for 2020 and Beyond.”

Green kill is now set up for professional live streaming to one or more on-line destinations simultaneously. 

Live streaming at Green Kill has these capabilities:

  • Eventbrite will be used to sell tickets for live streaming events.

Green Kill  has a 16 x 7 foot stage with curtains surrounding three sides. The stage is lit with eleven wirelessly controlled, ceiling mounted Chauvet LED par cans. We have mics, microphone stands. The speakers are ceiling mounted, and, for performers, we have two stage monitors. It’s a beautiful environment for web presentation.

There is no charge for scheduling events. Peformers will share revenue and so it’s in their interest to help with outreach and promotion of events.

New Reality Safety Measures

Laser Thermometer takes temperature in one second just by pointing a person.

Green Kill is taking reasonable steps to reduce the possibility of viral transmission:

  • As the state permits, Green Kill will open the doors to audiences for live performances.

  • Audience seating will be about moved 7 feet back from stage. The open area at front serves two purposes, one is to move the dolly camera and the other is to keep the audience at a safe social distance from performers. 

  • We will advertise on audience size for each event and audience seating will be spread out. 

  • Audiences will be encouraged to wear masks.

  • We will have a laser thermometer and will be taking temperatures at the door. 

  • In addition, Green Kill is equipped with a heat pump which filters air in the space and replaces it with air from outside.

  • Green Kill is regularly sanitized and equipment can be sanitized during performances.

  • All food will be covered with protective plastic.

Green Kill Operating Plan for  2020 and Beyond

Because of the new normal, Green Kill’s mission has been modified.


Artists Make it Happen

Green Kill remains a peer to peer space. It is a space for visual and performing arts. All events are organized through a peer to peer process— artists organizing with artists. The participation of each artist contributes to the aggregate benefits and opportunities for all the artists who use Green Kill. Please visit here and here if you would like to see how peer to peer can bring a space alive.

New Normal Performance Arrangements

Please keep in mind all future recurring events at Green Kill will be announced separately.

Green Kill is now exhibition space and performance “production space.” We are concentrating on quality live streaming shows, which will be coupled with live audience attendance as permitted by state protocols with full attention to health and well being.

Green Kill is retooled for the purpose of supporting high quality production and recording of events for streaming on the web to multiple online outlets.  As mentioned, audiences will be able to  attend performances through the use of state protocols for groups in an interior space.  Two high quality cameras and professional sound equipment will deliver the live performance to Ecamm Live interface which streams to a number of web platforms and has built-in recording for production and redistribution of content. Our Behringer mixing board can also send 16 audio separate channels of audio to a computer for audio production, which opens up the possibility of producing performance related products.

New Normal Art Openings

Monthly exhibitions and openings will continue with the understanding that opening parties will conform to state protocols—limited numbers in the space at one time, the use face masks, and care in handling of food and beverages. 

Future of Green Kill Programing. 

Events include poetry readings, music performance, story-telling, theater, and blog format talk shows. There will also be film nights which will conform to the same state protocols. 

New Web Site is our new home.

The Green Kill web site has been changed from to, a newsletter site, better to catalogue activities in a a nicer way.

Artists who participate in Green Kill are welcome to have profile pages for themselves which can be updated or modified over time. Besides artist profiles the new site includes a complete history of Green Kill Events, and, soon to come, will be an alphabetical listing of artists who have participated in Green Kill with links to their web sites if available, a Year-Round Collection page, routine event announcements, and Art exhibition and performance pages for each future participating artist. 


Green Kill will be exploring pay-to-reserve product model. More will be announced. 

Financial Support

Green Kill cannot operate without money: 

  • While artists perform for free, they are encouraged to use their networks to build in-house and on-line audiences. Green Kill depends on artist support and if artists want to make money at Green Kill they must make a strong outreach effort.

  • The Eventbrite live-streaming ticket system will be used for online events. A contribution, large or small will be required to gain access to the events. Performers will receive a portion of those sales based on a split of total sales minus a small fee that must be paid to ASCAP.

  • Green Kill will charge 10 dollars for most audience based performance events. Artist will receive a portion of those sales based on a split of total sales minus a small fee that must be paid to ASCAP.

  • A request of 1-5 dollars will be suggested for poetry open mic events. Hosts and featured Artists receive a portion of those sales based on  split of total donations

  • is a free and paid subscription site. All revenue goes toward operating expenses.'

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How to Get Involved

If you are a dancer, writer, filmmaker, poet, visual artists or performer and wish to participate or recommend another artist for participation in events at Green Kill, please write to

Thanks for your attention. Hoping for your support.