Meet the New York-based painter, Don Perlis.
Green kill Live Stream presents Perfect Pitch: The Hudson Valley New Year’s Day Spoken Word and Performance Extravaganza, Friday, January 1, 2021, 2-8…
Join Richard J. Treitner for the closing party and live-stream on Friday, January 29, 7 PM.
Free poetry and art for all, every month.
This month the Green Kill Broadside features the poetry of Nato Ingorokva and art by Hiroko Takeuchi.
Join Gary Siegel for "The 6 Phases of Dani," a mult-arts excursion, produced at Green Kill, on Friday, May 14, 7:320 PM on Youtube.
Enjoy the creative conversation between jazz and Brazilian music with the Mia Brazilian Jazz Ensemble on Friday, August 20, 8 PM.
The October Art Exhibition, “Stars and Bars: A Survey of Four Artists with Ties to Washington DC” featuring John Figura, William Hill, Stephen Lewis…
Calling All Poets (CAPS), April 8, 7 PM, Live Stream from Green Kill featuring Host Mike Jurkovic with Penny Brodie, Greg Corell, Jim Eve and Addison…
A one person exhibition of Margaret G. Still at Green Kill, June 2020.
Join the Chestnut People, Jon Hatch, Vern Woodhead, and the West Street Trio on Friday, August 27, 8 PM livestreamed on YouTube.
Join Richard Treitner for a up close and personal tour of his live-stream tour of his January, 2021 solo exhibition at Green Kill.